Optimise your translation process
by working with a translator
who specialises in your field.

Drawing on my experience of working with law firms from the early stages of my career, I have developed a translation process that is specifically adapted to the needs of this fast-paced industry.

I guarantee a quick turnaround, a well-researched translation and take extra measures to provide you with an impeccable final translation to avoid many rounds of revisions.

Do you have an urgent request?

Occasionally, I am able to accept projects that need to be quickly translated or checked.

or call me at +39 02 94750846.
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Italian proofreading services

I can check your documents are entirely correct: my service includes checking spelling, grammar, terminology, punctuation and formatting to ensure your texts are consistent and accurate and are ready to be released.

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Certified Italian translations (UK)

As a qualified translator and a member of Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL) I can certify your translated documents to confirm that they are true to the original and were translated by a professional translator.

Lead time can vary for certifications depending on the type of document and length of the text. As a guide, simple one-page documents such as diplomas can generally be turned around within 24 hours.

This service does not include court certification.

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Sworn Italian translations – certified translations (Italy) (traduzioni asseverate)

I am registered as a sworn translator in Italy. Apart from confirming that your translations are true to the original, I can also have them sworn in court.

Your documents will be sworn which means adding a signature, stamp and my statement (oath) in the presence of a Court officer, Justice of the Peace or Notary.

Sworn translations are necessary for: documents required by courts, notaries, public administrations, universities, vital records.

If you are not sure which type of certification you need, please contact me at +39 02 94750846 and I will let you know.